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Quiq Video:
Messaging for Customer Service

With Quiq Messaging, customers can engage customer service for help with their pre-sales questions and post-sales support. We support SMS/text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, In-App Messaging and Kik. Quiq Messaging can be purchased as a stand-alone customer channel or companies can take advantage of one of our pre-built CRM integrations, including Oracle, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Watch the video and see Quiq Messaging in action!

Messaging is Better for Customers and Companies


  • Frictionless – asynchronous Messaging fits the multi-tasking life of modern consumers
  • Immediate – no waiting on hold or for an email response, get help when it’s needed
  • Personal – one-to-one interaction creates a connection between the agent and customer
  • Easy & Comfortable – customers already use Messaging apps to talk with friends


  • Improved Engagement – be reachable, customers will switch to your competitors instead of waiting
  • Increased Efficiency – one agent serves many customers, customers don’t expect an immediate response
  • Faster Resolution Time – image and video shortens the time necessary to understand issues
  • Phone Escalation – for complex problems, it easy to switch to a phone call, while still exchanging image/video

Be Where Your Customers Are

Contact Center Capabilities

For Agents

For Managers

Seamlessly Integrated

Quiq Messaging inside the Oracle Service Cloud Agent Desktop

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