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Mobile messaging has already changed the way people communicate with each other. We believe that consumer communication with companies will be similarly disrupted. It’s time for innovators to move Quiq-ly!

Our blog contains thoughts, tips and results from our journey. Come along to re-imagine customer service in a mobile world! 



CCW Special Report on Messaging

CCW Digital’s special report on customer messaging highlights why messaging engagement is natural, frictionless, and more valuable to customers and companies.

  • messaging apps for crm

Gartner: Expand Reach and Increase Engagement With Consumer Messaging

Download a complimentary copy of Gartner's report "Top Use Cases and Benefits of Consumer Messaging Apps for CRM". In the report, Gartner predicts that customer support requests through mobile messaging app will exceed requests for support through traditional social media.


  • improve-online-retail-customer-satisfaction

5 Ways Messaging Improves Online Retail Customer Satisfaction

We are seeing rapid adoption of messaging by online retailers who are experiencing the many benefits of asynchronous communications in their contact centers: more natural engagement with customers, reduced service costs, and a reduction in workload. In this post, we'll discuss the five ways messaging impacts online retail customer satisfaction.

  • #womenthatcode

Quiq Celebrates #womenthatcode for Women’s Month – Q&A with Gretchen Dickie

Quiq is excited to share the stories of the #womenthatcode who are helping to move technology forward and building our world-class software. This week, get to know Gretchen Dickie, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at Quiq.

  • credit unions use quiq

Press Release – Quiq Adds Eight Major Credit Unions, Accelerating Financial Sector Momentum

Quiq announces it has added eight major credit unions to its customer base, signaling strong momentum within the financial sector. Credit Unions use Quiq Messaging to increase response times, attract a younger base and improve collection times.

  • International Women's Day

Quiq Celebrates International Women’s Day – Q&A with CMO, Dani Wanderer

Quiq is proud to support International Women's Day by highlighting three of our own Quiqsters who are helping to move technology forward. Our first profile is our very own CMO, Dani Wanderer.

  • ivr-future

The Future of IVR

IVR still remains one of the leading entry points for consumers to engage with companies. However, it’s also the costliest ways for companies to interact with their customers and the most inconvenient way for customers to engage. Future IVR systems will need to evolve. Here are three things that should be considered a priority.

  • improve pull-through rates

3 Ways Messaging Can Improve Pull-through Rates

Messaging is helping lenders, improve pull-through rates, deliver faster, more convenient service to borrowers through messaging while reaping the benefits of this preferred, more cost-effective, method of communication.

  • Multi-Channel Messaging

Direct Digital: Augmenting Customer Service With Multi-Channel Messaging

Direct Digital is supporting three of their major brands - Instaflex, Nugenix, and Peptiva with multi-channel messaging through text, web chat, and Facebook Messenger.

  • most popular texts pyeongchang2018 winter olympics

2018 Winter Olympics | Quiq Predicts The Most Popular Texts

As the 2018 Winter Games begin we're anticipating plenty of text messages discussing all things #Pyeongchang2018. Quiq predicts the most popular text messages that will be exchanged during the Winter Games.

  • competitive retail space

Office Depot: Outpacing the Competition with Quiq

Office Depot implemented Quiq Messaging to stand out from the competition by enabling customers a faster, more convenient way to frequently asked questions and issues resolved in less time than phone calls and email.

  • expand customer service channels

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: Expanding Its Customer Service Channels

Jackson Hole rolled out a new text messaging and chat platform for its customers, expanding its customer service channels. The implementation was fast and the results have been incredible. Read more...

  • messaging helps hospitality

How Messaging Helps Hospitality Get Personal

The hospitality industry is by nature a very personal, very human business. It’s exactly for this reason messaging helps hospitality transform the customer experience by giving service providers a way to connect and engage with guests in a way that is easy, convenient, and preferred.

  • Quiq Customer Messaging platform used by a happy woman sitting on washing machine

How Consumer Brands Win Millennials Through Messaging

Millennials are far more mobile-dependant than previous generations and are now the largest group of consumers in the U.S. A large majority of this generation are making major purchases like homes, appliances and big-ticket electronics. Here's how consumer durable brands can win these consumers over.

  • messaging helps retailers win big

3 Times Messaging Helped Retailers Win Big

A new kind of retailer exists because there is a new kind of customer. Customers who demand convenience and personalization from brands that fit into their mobile lifestyle are the new norm. Here are three times messaging has helped retailers win these new consumers over.

  • digital engagement strategy

[White Paper] Building a Digital Engagement Strategy for Customer Service

Download our white paper "Building a Digital Engagement Strategy for Customer Service" to learn how to drive your digital customer service transformation. We’ve brought our latest content to support you on your journey.

  • leading digital engagement transformation

Leading the Digital Engagement Transformation

Leading a change, like a transformation in your customer experience takes grit. It's not impossible though. We see so many of our clients going through this transformation using messaging as a way to engage with consumers in a whole new, more convenient way. Here's how they're doing it.

  • launch web chat and messaging

How to Successfully Launch Web Chat and Messaging

For more than 100 years, the telephone was the only channel for reaching a company to get help with questions, submit issues, or give the rare compliment. Today, consumers can choose from a plethora of channels or methods to reach a company.  Seemingly new channels emerge every few months, keeping brands on their toes.

  • Outpace your competition

Never Just Measure Up: Outpace Your Competition

The age of digital disruption has changed customer expectations, requiring companies to operate at a higher level of ingenuity and sophistication. Businesses today must focus on delivering an exceptional digital customer experience in order to outpace their competition.

  • text messaging for government

Treating Citizens like Customers: How Messaging can Help You Connect with Citizens

Cities are now thinking about 311 as if citizens are customers, and doing a lot of the same things you see innovators in the private sector doing today. Ideas that embrace user-centered design and improved customer experience are becoming a focal point of local government’s strategy.

  • Surprising ways text messaging can change your business

5 Surprising Ways Messaging Can Change Your Business

There is a vast repository of statistics out there that support the increasing popularity of text messaging for business. You may be convinced that your customers want to text you, but still unsure if messaging can really change your business for the better. Let’s stop the hand wringing and sweaty palms about text messaging and really talk about what’s in it for you.

  • Accelerate Time-to-value

3 Ways Software Companies Accelerate Time-to-Value With SMS Messaging

Helping your customer realize the value of your software, app, or game as quickly as possible is the cornerstone of successful adoption and retention. As a SaaS company, we understand how critical it is to maintain momentum with a customer while they are excited about your solution and accelerate Time-to-Value (TtV).

  • Customer retention for service based businesses

Improving Customer Retention for Your Service-based Business

The reasons are more than compelling to focus on improving customer retention as much as, if not more, than customer acquisition. In addition to that, our hyper-connected culture has built a consumer eco-system where raving fans help bolster a brand's reputation and new customer acquisition through word of mouth.

  • Increase customer acquisition for your service based business

Increase Customer Acquisition for Your Service-based Business

In this post, we examine ways your service-based business can increase customer acquisition. As the number of consumers who are comfortable with the quick, efficient, responsive nature of mobile messaging continues to swell, the ability to text message a business will become a deciding factor of who wins.

  • text-based customer service can be used for urgent notifications like updates and fraud alerts

Terror Filled Tales of Customer Service – (Part II)

In October, we started our terror-filled tales of customer service series. The first article in our two-part tale carried you through the series of unfortunate events of the Equifax security breach. In this article, I’ll share with you how text-based customer service saved me from a harrowing experience. Now, [...]

  • evo quiq messaging

Quiq Customer Spotlight: Learn How evo Uses Quiq Messaging

Read about how evo, a leading online retailer of outdoor gear and fashion apparel, uses Quiq to help drive sales conversions on their website during the purchase process. By offering messaging, evo's customers can now contact them via text messaging, live chat, and Facebook Messenger, the channels preferred over phone and email.

  • How to attract Millennials to your credit union

Mobile Millennials – How to Attract Them to Your Credit Union

Credit unions have long been viewed as the more local, approachable place for multiple generations to manage their finances. During times of financial crisis - recessions and dot-com busts, Credit Unions have gained the trust and admiration of Boomers and Gen-Xers who make up two-thirds of today’s total [...]

  • Customer Service lessons learned from the Equifax breach

Terror Filled Tales of Customer Service – (Part I)

We all heard the tale and hoped it was just urban lore or fake news, but the Equifax security breach was real. After hearing the news, everyone felt the creeping chill of vulnerability and helplessness as we all scanned for signs that we could be prey to identity theft [...]

  • mike standing at whiteboard timeline of customer relationship through customer service channels

How Our Clients Use Quiq Messaging

A Message From Mike Myer, Quiq CEO Since I helped start RightNow, the world has changed, but not my mission. My team and I are still focused on saving companies money, while helping them deliver a better customer experience. No longer are we focused on handling [...]

  • student customer service messaging

Engaging Students Via Messaging: 3 Reasons to Start Now

It is no secret that is messaging is the preferred method of communication for nearly everyone these days. Multiple studies have proven that when organizations offer their customers with messaging, higher engagement and loyalty prevail. Does this also hold true for students and educational institutions? The answer is yes.

  • consumer messaging app

Customer Service Messaging: Ovum Puts Quiq On The Radar

Read this new report from Ovum to see how Quiq is setting the bar for consumer messaging applications.

  • messaging platform

Quiq Video: Messaging For Customer Service

Watch this short video to see Quiq Messaging in action! Quiq connects customers and companies via Messaging (SMS, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, and Kik), resulting in more efficient customer service and happier customers.

  • TSheets customer experience team

Quiq Customer Spotlight: TSheets

Read about how TSheets, the #1 employee time tracking app uses Quiq for customer service messaging. Instead of taking the time and resources to build customer service into their app, TSheets chose to use Quiq Messaging.

  • customer service messaging infographic

Customer Service Messaging Infographic

Check out the 2017 Customer Service Messaging Infographic. This infographic highlights consumer's interest, preference, and demand for Messaging customer service organizations.

  • omni-channel experience

Put the Customer in the Driver’s Seat: Omni-Channel Customer Service

Studies have shown that companies with an omni-channel program enjoy 24% greater annual returns in company revenue and a 55% decrease in the number of customer complaints. However, it is important to note that less than 1% of all organizations have deployed an omni-channel strategy.

  • messaging preferred channel

Report: Customer Preference For Messaging

Check out the new Research Report focused on your Customer's Preference for Messaging. This report covers consumer's interest, preference, and demand for Messaging and engaging with your organization. Of particular interest are the findings by age demographic, particularly regarding Millennials (age 18-34).

  • puzzle as a metaphor for Customer service messaging best practices

Part 3: Best Practices For Implementing Messaging

It has been established that messaging is the highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction compared to all other communication channels. (eWeek). However, like other service channels, messaging comes with a unique set of considerations when implementing it into your customer service centers. There are three things to consider for a smooth implementation.

  • Selecting the right customer service messaging vendor

Part 2: Evaluation Criteria For Selecting The Right Messaging Vendor

Messaging is the next disruptive technology for the contact center. Consumers are demanding the ability to communicate via messaging with brands and businesses. As noted in Part 1, the interest, preference, usage, and demand for consumer-to-business messaging is evident, with the majority of U.S. consumers preferring texting over the current methods of reaching customer support (eWeek).

  • add messaging to your contact center

Part 1: Four Reasons to Add Messaging to The Contact Center

Consumers are demanding the ability to communicate via messaging with brands and businesses. Consumers don’t want to just receive messages from businesses, they want the ability to message them back. No longer is messaging simply a one-way channel for companies to market to consumers. Customers now expect to be able to initiate a two-way, one-to-one conversations with the companies and brands they use.

8 Tips For Customer Service Via Facebook Messenger

With Facebook’s continued investment in Messenger, which allows customers to engage with companies via private messages, the question is no longer about whether customer service should be offered on social platforms like Facebook, but how to offer this type of social support most successfully. Consumers want to message companies how and whenever they want, and companies must figure out how to best handle this latest consumer expectation.

7 Reasons Why Customers Want to Text You

It’s a commonly-known fact: text messaging, SMS messaging, and Facebook messaging are pervasive and the popularity of messaging today is undisputed. Fully 97% of smartphone owners regularly use text messaging, making it the most widely-used basic feature or app as reported by Pew Research.

  • In-app Customer Service

In-App Customer Service: Easier Than You Think

Do you make it easy for your customers to interact with you from your app when they have a question or an issue? Building a great mobile app is tough.  The ever-present constraints of schedule and resources mean that it’s never possible to do everything [...]

Re-imagining Customer Service in a Mobile World

When I describe to friends what we’re working on at Quiq, the reaction is universally positive, sometimes even rabid enthusiasm. We’re all consumers, and interacting with companies, even our favorite ones, is an unpleasant necessity and not a positive experience — akin to going to the dentist, something you don’t [...]