Customer Engagement
Starts With A
Simple Chat

Drive Revenue With Live Chat

Keep your customers right where you want them with chat on your website. Present your website visitors with a seamless way to engage with your brand while they shop or get support. Offering web chat allows your site visitors to engage with you whenever they’re ready. Proactively invite website visitors to chat based upon predetermined criteria such as time spent on a page, page view history or customer segment.

Connecting At Moment of Need

Connecting At Moment of Need

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Make web visitors your best customers

When you respond to your customers in their moment of need, you build loyalty. Quiq’s web chat lets you engage customers at the point of purchase for higher conversions. Unlike other chat software, Quiq puts the experience first with a truly asynchronous solution. If a customer accidentally closes your web page or has to step away, they can restart right where they left off, whenever it’s convenient for them to return.

  • Engage customers at the point of purchase for higher conversions
  • Proactively provide pre-sales service and post-sales support to customers
  • Quiq is easily customized to match the style of your website

Real-Time, Right Time
Customer Engagement

Simple, yet sophisticated web chat for business

Quiq’s live chat solution delivers a simple and personal experience for customers. Behind the scenes, chat is just another channel in Quiq’s multi-channel messaging platform allowing your employees to serve multiple customers on different messaging channels at once.

  • Use forms to collect information from customers prior to conversations
  • A preview of what the customer is typing allows agents to get a head start on responses
  • Customers and agents see previous conversations for quick and easy reference
  • Use rich messages for a more interactive experience