Delight Your Connected Customers With Richer Experiences

Google Rich Business Messaging

Today’s digital-first consumers have higher expectations for how businesses should communicate with them. Google RBM delivers an upgraded messaging experience for Android with interactive messages.  Quiq automatically determines if a recipient is RCS enabled and sends the richest form of messages possible based upon device capabilities.

Upgrade Your Messaging Experiences. Notice The Difference.

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Rich media for Android

Businesses, no matter the size or industry, can use Google Rich Business Messaging – RBM to have more meaningful conversations with customers. Say goodbye to text and simple links. Google RBM allows companies to send visually rich messages that encourage customers to interact. Help consumers schedule appointment times, get updates with real-time shipping notifications, complete product reviews or complete transactions.

In Your Customer’s Moment of Need,
Why Settle for Just Text?

The business side of rich messaging

Whether it’s conversing with customers, sending status updates or collecting feedback, Google Rich Business Messaging makes each interaction come alive.

  • Agents can design their own rich messages in Quiq’s Agent UI or administrators can publish rich messages to be used by all.
  • Outbound messages that are automatically delivered in rich or standard text based upon the recipient’s device capabilities.
  • Best of all, Google RBM is another channel that fits seamlessly alongside all other messaging channels in Quiq’s agent UI, allowing your employees to focus on interacting with your customers without worrying about the peculiarities of each channel