Quiq Customer Spotlight: TSheets

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Customer Spotlight: TSheets & Quiq Messaging

TSheets offers the #1 rated and requested employee time tracking and scheduling app on the planet, providing mobile, online, GPS, and punch-style time tracking solutions for more than 40,000 businesses across 100+ countries. Founded in 2006, TSheets has nearly 200 employees and continues to grow quickly, even earning a spot on Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 500™ list.

About Josh Kyzer, Director of Customer Experience, TSheets

“I am focused on creating and implementing organizational efficiencies, while maintaining a world-class customer experience, enabling product adoption, and driving engagement.

— Josh Kyzer

Josh is responsible for identifying internal operational efficiencies across the Customer Experience team, Tier II Escalation, Operations, Sales, Onboarding, and Retention teams. He designs and implements solutions that allow TSheets to achieve critical CX benchmarks.

Quiq Messaging Augments TSheets’ Customer Experience Channels

TSheets primarily delivers their time tracking software via mobile apps. Instead of taking the time and resources to build customer service into the app, TSheets added Quiq Messaging to their existing customer experience channels. To keep the customer experience seamless, Quiq Messaging sits right next to the TSheets app. TSheets users now have the ability to start a SMS/text messaging conversation with the Customer Experience team within the TSheets app.

One source of customer service inquiries was logging into the TSheets app. This was particularly problematic because, until users had authenticated in the app, the in-app support options were not available. Because of Josh’s focus on customer experience, he identified the necessity for customers to make a phone call to get help logging in was a source of dissatisfaction. TSheets’ customers did not want or have time to make a phone call just to get logged in.

Offering messaging outside the app allowed TSheets’ customers to engage with them over a channel that was more convenient and efficient. An added benefit was gained by TSheets’ Customer Experience team as well. Because agents can manage multiple messaging conversations versus just one phone call at a time, TSheets was able to better utilize their resources and transition more expensive phone calls to the low-cost messaging channel. It was a win-win for both TSheets’ customers and agents.

“Both our customers and agents love messaging via Quiq. It is convenient for our customers and easy to use for our agents.”–Josh Kyzer

Up Next: Expand Beyond Service to Sales With Quiq

While Quiq Messaging was added to help on the customer support side of the house, TSheets is excited to add a sales team queue to their existing Quiq deployment to help expand and drive sales over the messaging channel.

About Quiq

Quiq connects customers and companies via Messaging (SMS/Text Messaging, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, and Kik), resulting in more efficient customer service and happier customers.  Learn more about Quiq today at goquiq.com, or email sales@goquiq.com for a free demo.

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