How Chatbots for Customer Experience Deliver Results

Chatbots deliver results across a variety of industries. From retail to travel, chatbots are there to help improve the customer experience, acting as the always-on, always-ready assistants your customers want. Consumers are interacting with chatbots more often, even if they don't know they are engaging with a chatbot. Read our infographic below to discover why 80% of businesses will utilize some form of chatbot [...]

Business Text Messaging for Credit Unions Covered in CUTimes

While business text messaging for some industries, like retail, have already reached a point where it's required, business text messaging for credit unions is still gaining momentum. Learn why so many credit unions are turning to the messaging channel.

Texas A&M Graduates from Emails and Auto-Dialers to the Messaging Channel

Realizing that students weren’t reading their emails, the school looked for alternative ways to reach their students beyond the email, phone calls, and auto-dialer they typically employed. A pilot with Quiq to test text messaging students was launched in June and the school isn’t looking back.

5 Ways Rich Messaging for Customer Service Transforms Customer Expectations

Rich messaging, aside from providing a more modern messaging experience, has the power to change the expectations of your customers. In this post, we’ll look at 5 ways rich messaging is transforming customer expectations for customer service.

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