Improve Average Handle Time Using This Key Metric

Average Handle Time has long been used to in workforce management. Asynchronous communication has forced contact center to rethink this metric. Read how Quiq's Work Time metric captures the intent of traditional handle time metrics while accounting for the nuances of the messaging channel.

Top Customer Service Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Customer service is often overlooked, but inevitably one of the most important parts of a business. Often, it is said that good customer service is the best kind of marketing. And every organization should strive to excel at their customer service. But, it is easier said than done. Customer service is highly challenging, very dynamic and at-times super frustrating job. In [...]

Credit Union Messaging Guidelines to Build Trust With Customers

There is an undercurrent of distrust around promotional emails and robo-calls. Consumers are beyond annoyed with these invasive methods and have turned to text messaging as the preferred way to communicate with businesses. Messaging has earned consumer’s trust. For your credit union to maintain that trust and encourage engagement with your members, we’ve put together some simple credit union messaging guidelines. [...]

3 Benefits of Instant Messaging Customer Service to Help Your Business

With the abundance of technology available to companies that promise to streamline processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs within the contact center, why do so many companies choose to invest in instant messaging customer service? The answer is simple. Instant messaging for customer service accomplishes all three of these things plus it’s easy to implement. The main reason most companies turn [...]

Quiq Announces Three Brands on Apple Business Chat

BOZEMAN, MT, October 17, 2018 -- Today Quiq, a leading provider of business messaging software for customer communications announces that three of its retail clients,, Jos A. Bank, and Men’s Wearhouse are live on Apple Business Chat beta. Quiq is one of the early Customer Service Platforms (CSP) to support Business Chat, a new way for customers to communicate directly with businesses using [...]

How to Measure Customer Success KPI’s

Customer success is vital to your product or service achieving the desired goals you or your company has set. Customer success is the methodology you take to ensure that your customer's needs are met in a manner that aligns customer, vendor, and company goals. If you are implementing your customer success correctly then you will see your pipeline activity increase and [...]

What is Digital Customer Service and How to Improve It

In today's environment, customer service is an essential part of any business model. With the myriad of choices and resources at buyer's fingertips, stakeholders are increasingly investing in their customer service infrastructure in order to stay relevant and get ahead of the competition. That's where digital customer service enters the picture. If you are asking, "what is digital customer service?" then [...]

10 Omni-channel Customer Service Best Practices You Can Count On

Today's purchaser has evolved to a savvy, well-researched shopper who is quite comfortable online. With the prevalence of personalized options and experiences across the wide range e-commerce sites, your buyers are not only used to a personalized experience -- they expect it. Therefore, it stands to reason that your website must be able to live up to the expectations of your [...]

Increase Conversion Rates With These 7 Business Messaging Tips

While conversion rates are more traditionally tied to eCommerce sites, it’s a metric that every company cares about. A conversion can mean different things for different companies. Websites can measure conversions by the number of visits, form fills, subscriptions or, more commonly the number of sales made. The goal you’re measuring can be a macro goal, like requesting a demo or [...]

What is Rich Messaging? Everything You Need to Know

Businesses are constantly looking for the next technology that is going to improve and expand the narrative of the conversation, facilitate high-quality customer interactions, and give them an edge over their competitors. That's why more and more businesses are increasingly turning to messaging and rich messaging.

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