What is Business Messaging and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

Business messaging is more than just order confirmations and shipping notifications. Engaging, two-way conversations with customers on SMS/texting, web chat, social media, and in-apps is the preferred way consumers want to reach businesses.

How to Use Simple Automation to Streamline Customer Conversations

Customer expectations have grown surrounding the three most important aspects of customer experience: convenience, ease, and speed. Incorporating simple automation into customer conversations that exceed these expectations has proven to be the solution for Quiq’s clients. Quiq is focused on helping brands engage in conversations with their customers over messaging, the preferred channel by, well, everyone. Quiq’s messaging clients have taken [...]

Brinks Home Security™ Monitors and Responds to Changing Market Demands

Brinks has always been one of the most widely recognized brands in its market space, known for their dedication to security and protection. Brinks Home Security was recently ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems by J.D. Power, and with over 1 million subscribers, Brinks is one of the largest and most trusted home and commercial security companies in the [...]

2019: This Is Your Year to Improve Customer Experience

We’ve all been there. February 15th rolls around on the calendar and all of those great intentions for the new year begin to slowly fade into memories. This year will be different. This year hasto be different, especially if you’re one of the many business leaders who are determined to create a better experience for your customers in 2019. Now, [...]

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