About Mike Myer

I'm CEO and Founder at Quiq.   I've got a long background in customer service software, having been CTO at RightNow for the lifetime of the company. RightNow helped many of the largest brands deliver exceptional customer experiences. RightNow went public in 2004 and was acquired by Oracle in 2010. The RightNow solution is now Oracle Service Cloud. In between RightNow and Quiq, I led Engineering and Product at Dataminr. I'm a computer scientist by trade with a MS in CS from Rutgers University.

In-App Customer Service: Easier Than You Think

Do you make it easy for your customers to interact with you from your app when they have a question or an issue? Building a great mobile app is tough.  The ever-present constraints of schedule and resources mean that it’s never possible to do everything you set out to do in the beginning. As a result, in-app customer service is often [...]

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Re-imagining Customer Service in a Mobile World

When I describe to friends what we’re working on at Quiq, the reaction is universally positive, sometimes even rabid enthusiasm. We’re all consumers, and interacting with companies, even our favorite ones, is an unpleasant necessity and not a positive experience — akin to going to the dentist, something you don’t look forward to but have to do nonetheless. Friction and delay. Those two words sum up [...]

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